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301209 一則道歉啓事 + Nonsense scrap



I could see the black skies above my head, I feel so blur, innocent, and helpless. Who can give me a helping hand? I know there will be nobody, only myself. I will never regret with any decision I made.

I wonder why some people love to create their own stories, and tell the others as a truth. In fact, there is only 30% of truth, and 70% of rumor. I don't know what did I do, what did I say, I just feel very annoying now, to become the main character of someone's story.

Maybe some people may think that I'm talking about them, but actually, I didn't. Aren't they sensitive? Yes, indeed they are. For instance, when I'm talking about an unknown jerk, some people would guess that the jerk I mean is he / she or our friends, then they will start spreading their own stories, bringing out the misunderstands, embarrasses, fights......

STOP IT, PEOPLE!!! If that is not a truth, then stop all your guesswork, put all your efforts in your daily works, jobs, or whatever, but don't try to break our relationship by saying those idiot things!!!

Obviously, Flaming Moon is burning now, firing me fiercely. Come on, help me to put off all these nonsense. The real me is ugly, I know. But, who never makes mistake?