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Found two Angels

Time and the hour run through the roughest day. -William Shakespeare-

I dedicate this quote to myself, Patricia Foo.

I want to thank You, My Lord, with my wholehearted, you sent these two angels to me, soothe and guide me, help me to pass through this toughest time as well.

I did something stupid, which made me feel dumps. I was too naive, thought everyone is the same, but I was wrong, there is still a minority different from the majority. Here, I met ONE minor, and I treated ONE as major, brought me out a minor pain. Is it hard to understand? Never mind, God will understand it.

These 2 angels, or I called them as my mentors, they console and comfort me. Thank you, my mentors, I had my greatest time with both of you. Friendship can be as pure as water, just like me and my two mentors. No gap and secret between us.


I sigh with emotion, wonder why people cannot make life simple? Life can be very simple, right? Why do they make it a fuss? Erm...I don't know.