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A short kitchen tour

Have you ever seen an obsolete kitchen? Okay, let me be the tour guide today, I would bring you all to my college's kitchen.

Picture tells everything, there are 2 pictures uploaded, and they might describe all.

Guess what?? This is our rice cooker. Customers always make complaint that the rice is not properly cooked. Well, this picture tells you everything, the rice cooker is 'cacat' (retardant), and it is too SMALL!!! So, you should know, why you can taste different texture of rice, the combination of soft and hard rice. Okay, lets move on to another picture.

Tada!!! These ARE our STOVES. And its speciality is, only one chef can manage to do the cooking thingy. WHY?? If there are 4 chefs, they can't stand so closely like abang-adik to cook, right?? Therefore, don't blame us if we provide few courses in the set lunch, because we have limited space and equipment.

I have no comment about it. You are pleased to leave any comment here, no matter it is a positive or NEGATIVE feedback.

I hope you do enjoy the kitchen tour here. Thank you.