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Thank You, my Lord Father.

I got Your reply, my Lord Father.

Thank You, You always by my side in everything I do. When I was about to do something stupid, You stopped me; You will never scold me, only encourage and console me, in my heart.

I could hear Your voice, so clearly and sweet.
I could feel You, so warm and tender.

You give me power to live bravely; You give me strength to face every difficulties, obstacles and so forth.

I got Your answer: STOP EVERYTHING, let it be, you should back to the normal stage, my daughter.

My heart has been neutralized, no more sour and bitter. I give myself a lollipop, taste the sweetness, flavored my wounded heart, no more pain.

No more Mr. A, B, C, D, E......, only Mr. J, which represent to my Lord Father, Jesus. I know I will find a true love in future, a person who I want.