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New sem starts, stupid challenges.

Finally, I had passed my post to my junior- Yasmeen. I felt so free because I don't need to carry this heavy burden again. Man, I'm freed, I'm relaxed!! Yoohoo!!! (That is what i thought BEFORE i passed over my post)


However, that is not much changes though I passed over my responsibilities, I still busy...Oops, NO...Not only me, but the rest hotel students too. Why?? GOOD QUESTION!! I'm not being criticism, I'm just telling the truth. Sorry, If I tell something that really make you angry or what. I don't know who is the stupid person bringing out this stupid idea, but you do really frustrating us a lot. We only have 24 hotel students, and you are asking us to do food sale EVERY WEEK?? IF, we don't need to do assignment, then it's okay for us to do food sale every week. BUT, for 5 of us (Rooney, Kah Men, Fiona, Ju Dee and I) in HND course, we have to do 2 sets of assignment for every subjects; and the rest 19 members, they have one set assignment for each subject.

We are different from OTHER COLLEGE. Don't compare, Ok?? We can provide quality work in management side but not culinary arts. Please refer to the consultant if YOU are not clear about our course. If YOU insist to do that, please be generous, buy us some usable equipments, the old equipments that we have are sucks.

I admit that my English is very poor, but I know YOU can read and understand this.