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A short post before I leave for yum cha

An hour later, I will go to Ipoh Garden East for drinking & chit-chatting with my friends. 4 days didn't see you guys already, and I do really miss you all!!

I start my revision from yesterday, because on next Thursday night, I will be leaving to Terengganu and maybe Siam for a short and relaxed holiday. Never know my wish will materialize. Yeap, I do need a short break before exam. Oh ya, I will probably pass my Fishville to my ji mui- Fiona, for taking care of my dearest fishes, erm...will give you my password and email address before the day I leave for retreated vacation if you don't mind to. hahaha...

This is my first time doing my revision in front of laptop instead of notes or books. I could feel my eyes is totally dried out. Fortunately, I got my Eye Mo for tired eyes. What to do...last minute cramming is my style.

Oops...mom is 'yelling' now!! For what reason she yells there? Haha...just to take dinner. Okay, I should stop here! kekeke~ makan time!