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Start complaining...

For your understanding, I'm going to write this article into English, since most of you do not know Chinese. See, I am so considerate!!

I wasn't a person who loved to complain a lot, friends who know me, they know I am a quiet person in class, I didn't make any complain due to any issue, just stay silence at one corner.

But today, I am not again a person who just sit beside my friends and just knock my head to whatever they say. I learn to shout out my dissatisfaction, I learn to angry...I learn so much...Thank you, to my college, this institute has bring me lots of 'knowledge'!

Okay, time to start complain. Today, you informed one of our lecturers to collect RM1 from four of us as fine, because we didn't wear uniform!! EXCUSE ME!!! If you want to collect fine from us, please collect from our juniors first!! They didn't wear uniform for almost everyday!!! Don't say those stupid reasons like we are the seniors for them, so we should give good example. We did, we wore uniform every single day, except for today!!

Not only for this issue, there are a lot more!!! We never got influence from any other people, we see it, we feel it, we could feel the difference on how you treat the others and us. For what reason we have to do the jobs which the HND not supposed to do? The juniors have to learn on how to do service, how to cook and etc, the HND already pass through these stages, and come to the management side. For what reason we have to do service and cook, and leave nothing to the juniors? They learn nothing!!!

Don't you think you are too over, do you?

3 条评论:

Nurainie Tan 说...

Who so powerful to influence you all? You all no brains to think for yourself meh? Quickly graduate and show them what you are made of!

漫月 说...

Never know miss got read my blog. hehe~ How I wish this is my last semester, but I still have 2 more sem to 'suffer'.I feel like going to hell everytime I step into college!The air is condensed,and it stressing me out! Seriously, I do not enjoy my college life starting from this year.

Nurainie Tan 说...

Think of it as just a building. When it's time to go, the path at your feet opens up to the whole world. Just as mine did!