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Ugly Liar

You told a lie again!
You told me that your parents were past away...
but today, your father came to our college!

This is a very stupid way to gain people's attention!!
Eventually, u did!... But to gain people's hatred.

I was so stupid to pity on you,
because i thought u were an orphan!
You said u have been dumped for 4 times,
But very sorry to say that,
i don't believe it!
On the strength of your inner and outer look!
Well, if it is true, i just want to say…

抵死!Padan muka!

You told us that u are a Christian,
I wish to the god, please don't cry...
It's not worth to cry for a man like this.
I don't know what kind of human being he is,
But I'm sure he is unworthy, and totally insane!
Such a jerk!


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Blogger 说...


~Endo~志成,字崎远 说...

who is tat? the thai guy?

漫月 说...

ya lar...that guy again!